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doctor treating back painDo you suffer from chronic back or neck pain? People living with persistent lumbar spine issues often experience such severe symptoms, everyday activities are put on hold.

Over time, you’ve likely tried different solutions that promise results, from steroid injections to back surgery, but nothing has worked – until now!

Chudy Chiropractic Center is proud to introduce a groundbreaking, non-surgical treatment for spinal degeneration called decompression therapy.

Guided by our chiropractic knowledge, advanced computer technology and the use of a sophisticated spinal decompression table called the DRX9000, the spine is gently decompressed to ease the pressure causing back pain.

The DRX9000 decompression unit has helped us deliver long-term results for chronic patients!

Causes of Back Pain

Our spines are comprised of small stacked bones called vertebrae. In between each bone is a gel-like disc that absorbs shock and provides adequate space to prevent pinched nerves. Our discs are 80 percent water with a hard capsule on top.

Whether a result of normal wear and tear or direct injury to the spine, our vertebral discs can start to deteriorate. With age, they lose water and dry out like a sponge. The discs shrink and become brittle, no longer acting as shock absorbers.

In some cases, a disc bulges out or herniates, pressing on the spinal nerves and causing pain. Temporary fixes do not reverse spinal degeneration and patients find the pain soon returns.

Reasons for Treatment

Spinal decompression therapy is a safe treatment option for patients young and old. This non-invasive method offers many benefits to people suffering from conditions that increase pressure on the spinal nerves, including:

  • Herniated Disc
  • Disc Degeneration
  • Facet Syndrome
  • Sciatica
  • Spinal Stenosis
  • Failed Back Surgery
  • Advanced Scoliosis
  • Injured Spinal Nerve Roots

Spinal decompression not only provides long-term relief but promotes a natural healing process without medicinal or surgical intervention. Function is fully restored, so you can continue enjoying your favorite activities pain-free!

How the DRX9000 Works

The science behind spinal decompression therapy was actually discovered in space! During weightlessness, pressure on the spinal column is decreased and the space between discs increased.

Chiropractic treatment, aided by the DRX9000 unit, replicates this experience in a safe and comfortable way.

What’s called the “logarithmic curve” of each patient’s spine is calculated with advanced computer technology. Based on this data, the appropriate amount of pressure is applied to gently elongate the spine, without disrupting the surrounding muscles.

During this process, water, oxygen and healing nutrients are drawn to the damaged area, so the discs can gradually rehydrate and rebuild.

What You Can Expect

If spinal decompression therapy is determined to be the right course of treatment for you, we will develop a plan for your specific needs. Based on your progress, treatments will continue as needed.

During a session, the patient is comfortably positioned horizontally on a padded table, safely secured with an upper and lower body harness. With the patient in a relaxed state, an alternating force is gently applied to the affected area. Following treatment, a cold pack is applied to promote soft tissue healing.

After just a few sessions, the average patient may experience significant improvement and eventually return to their favorite activities, with little to no pain!
To learn more about the benefits of spinal decompression therapy or start a treatment program, contact Chudy Chiropractic Center to schedule an appointment!