woman with sprained ankleMany people suffer from chronic inflammation, which can lead to other health concerns like heart disease, diabetes, cancer, arthritis and bowel diseases. Unfortunately, those who suffer from chronic back pain, repetitive sports injuries or osteoarthritis know that most treatment options only offer short-term relief.

After a series of unsuccessful modalities, you may have given up hope on a solution that truly works. Chudy Chiropractic Center is proud to be one of the few offices in the area to use Multiwave Locked System (MLS®) Therapy Lasers, a non-invasive treatment method with clinically proven results for inflammatory issues.

How Does Laser Therapy Work?

In basic terms, light energy is used to accelerate the body’s natural healing process. We target the affected area with patented, FDA-approved therapy lasers that can help restore function and relieve pain.

Two wavelengths of light enter an injured cell at the molecular level, traveling to the root of the problem to heal damaged cells, reduce inflammation and encourage new tissue growth.

Depending on your condition, MLS robotically applies the correct amount of laser energy to the target tissue. We may also use a wand to go over specific areas of the body. Less severe condition require less Joules of light energy, while deep tissue corrections require more.

In all cases, treatment draws water, oxygen and nutrients to the damaged area to help increase the production of healing enzymes. The cell membranes then transport essential nutrients across the cell walls to promote new growth.

Is Laser Therapy Safe?

Contrary to common concerns, low-level laser therapy is a safe and painless way to effectively treat acute episodic or chronic pain. MLS is a cold laser, which does not cut or damage tissue. Patients feel no electricity or sensation when the laser is in use.

Low-level laser therapy has been used for more than 30 years to help naturally reduce inflammation, relax muscle spasms, decrease swelling and speed recovery.

Who Should Seek Treatment?

MLS Laser Therapy can produce high quality results with less risk than other methods of acute and chronic pain relief. It can help with a variety of inflammatory issues, including:

  • Osteoarthritis
  • Sports injuries
  • Tendon or ligament injuries
  • Muscle sprains or strains
  • Back or joint pain
  • Edema
  • Disc disease
  • Soft tissue trauma
  • Nerve regeneration
  • Tendinitis

Laser light therapy creates the optimal healing environment for injury recovery.

Complementary Services

Laser therapy goes hand-in-hand with spinal decompression therapy, another non-invasive treatment option that reduces pressure on the spinal column. When we decompress a patient’s spine, we also use laser therapy on the low back to further reduce inflammation.

To learn more about the benefits of laser therapy treatment for pain relief, contact Chudy Chiropractic Center to schedule an appointment.