Suffering from persistent back pain? Looking to avoid surgery or correct a failed operation?

The DRX9000® spinal decompression unit is the world’s most advanced non-surgical treatment for back and neck pain!

  • Clinically proven & FDA-approved
  • Treat herniated or bulging discs, sciatica & spinal stenosis
  • Safe & comfortable spinal decompression system

Chudy Chiropractic Center of Rocky Hill is proud to be a DRX9000® Certified Provider — offering this groundbreaking method!

Get Relief Without Painful Epidurals, Surgery & Medication!

Spinal Stenosis medical concept as a degenerative illness in the human vertebrae causing compressed spine nerves human body disease as a 3D illustration.

Benefits Compared to Back Surgery

Chronic back pain can make every movement debilitating. If you experience numbness, weakness and loss of function that interferes with work, sleep and everyday activities, you might think surgery is the only answer – think again!

In terms of cost, potential risks and recovery time, treatment with the DRX9000® spinal decompression unit can be more beneficial than surgery:

  • The expense for patients is less than most insurance deductibles and hospital co-pays
  • There are no major side effects of spinal decompression therapy, other than mild soreness, and recovery is much faster
  • A surgical procedure can have hidden costs, impact a patient’s ability to work and may have serious complications

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How the DRX9000® Works

The science behind non-surgical spinal decompression therapy was actually discovered in space! During weightlessness, pressure on the spinal column is decreased and the space between discs increased.

Chiropractic treatment, aided by the DRX9000® unit, replicates this experience in a safe and comfortable way.

What’s called the “logarithmic curve” of each patient’s spine is calculated with advanced computer technology. Based on this data, the appropriate amount of pressure is gently applied to elongate the spine, without disrupting the surrounding muscles.

During this process, water, oxygen and healing nutrients are drawn to the damaged area, so the discs can gradually rehydrate and rebuild.

What You Can Expect

If spinal decompression therapy is determined to be the right course of treatment for you, we will develop a plan for your specific needs. Based on your progress, treatments will continue as needed.

During a session, the patient is comfortably positioned horizontally on a padded table, safely secured with an upper and lower body harness. With the patient in a relaxed state, an alternating force is gently applied to the affected area. Following treatment, a cold pack is applied to promote soft tissue healing.

After just a few sessions, the average patient may experience significant improvement and eventually return to their favorite activities, with little to no pain!

Using the DRX9000® unit, we can help deliver long-term results for chronic patients. To learn more about the benefits of spinal decompression therapy or start a treatment program, contact us to schedule an appointment!